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Rules & Regulations

The Weekend Night Market is always looking for new vendors! If you love what you do then you are in the right place. 


We are:

A farmers market meets street festival! Family friendly, dog friendly (yup! fido can come!), full of energy with live music, DJS, live artists, and games for all ages.   


We want our vendors to have that same passion. Do you have a good attitude? How's your booth display, does it rock? Are your items handmade? Our demographic tends to be 25 to 44 and 74% female. You know your product....  If this is you, we want ya! 


Long Beach Food vendors will need to pull a TFF permit with the Long Beach Health Department (valid for 3 months). You will also want to accept all hip ways of paying like venmo, apply pay, whatever the trend is...

Huntington Beach Food vendors will need to pull a TFF permit with the Orange County Health Department (valid for 3 months)

Mission Viejo Food vendors will need to pull a TFF permit with the Orange County Health Department (valid for 3 months)

Refunds: There are NO refunds. Your application fee covers our time working with you on registration, advertising and location fee. There are NO REFUNDS, no trading event dates and no transfers of booth space. If you do not agree to this you can not do our events. There are NO COVID exceptions. There are no emergency exceptions. If we decide to cancel the event you will be given the option to be refunded or switch to a new date. This is a rain or shine event. 

Social Media is very important to our event and should be to you too. We will no longer accept vendors that do not have an instagram account. If you don't have one, get one set up!

Pack in, Pack out! You must take all your trash with you. Cut zip ties, yup you take them. empty boxes from sold items, yup those are yours. If you leave trash behind you will not be invited back. You must keep your area clean. Unsightly bins and boxes must be hidden under tables or in your vehicle during the event. Bring your own trash bag and take it with you at the end of the night. 


Leaving early, not here. If you decide (for whatever reason) that you must leave early... you will not be back as vendor, not only is it rude but its unsightly for the event. Its only 4 hours long and if you can't stay for the entire time, don't apply. Wait and apply when you can.


Loading instructions -We will send out the loading instructions upon approval of your application and when payment is received.   

Electricity - These locations do not offer electricity, if you need it you must supply it!

Loading and unloading times. You will have two hours to setup and one hour to pack up. No, we do not allow longer setup times.

Sharing a booth - Depends on the location.

Tent Color - we prefer white, it looks nice. Its that simple. We understand that not everyone has one and we do accept colored ones. BUT, if you are going to buy one, get a white one. All our other branded events only accept white. You'll be one step ahead if you do it. AND get a good tent! You will not regret it. Also, you must have leg weights. Get the ones that you fill with sand or are already filled. Sand is better than water. Here is a link to both the tent and the leg weights. We use these both these and have had great success.

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